Sihouette Chair

When the unnatural concept of "sitting without support" intrudes into daily life, it changes the quality of the space it interferes with. If such an unrealistic concept can be merged into daily life without a sense of incongruity, its influence on the space will become greater.


The SILHOUETTE CHAIR is the unnatural concept of sitting on nothing, based on the idea of being supported by a structure in the shape of a shadow. I would like to unite the uncanny with daily life by placing the SILHOUETTE CHAIR in halls or lobbies. I hope that people who sit in or see the chair will feel immeasurable values.






Silhouette Chairは何も無いところに座るという非日常を、影の形をした構造が支えることで成立させています。



Materials :



Dimensions :

W520 × D900 × H1350 × SH400

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