Crutch Table

I believe that the modern practise of excessive consumption based on planned obsolescence is caused by a lack of communications between people and commodities.


I drew attention to this situation by designing a “Crutch table” to emphasise the relationship between people and their possessions.


One missing leg is replaced with crutches and “Crutch table” appears to be in pain. I hope that “Crutch table” will arouse people’s awareness of their possessions, feelings that have been numbed by excessive consumption.



モノが持つ本来の寿命を無視した現代人の過剰な消費活動はヒトとモノとの間に心が通っていないために起きて いるのではないでしょうか。

そのような現状に目を向けて、ヒトとモノとの関係を深めることを目的としたCrutch Table をデザインしました。





Crutch Tableでモノと心を交わすきっかけをつかんでもらいたいと考えています。

Materials :



Dimensions :

W1250 × D900 × H850 × SH720

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