Ivy Chair

Living in the city where nature is excluded to the utmost limit, we tend to forget that we depend on the power of nature and only remember it when natural disaster strikes. However, I believe that it is essential that we should appreciate nature and always respect it.

The white but otherwise realistic leaves of “ivy chair” act as a metaphor for the exclusion of nature from the city.

The artificial white color of “ivy chair” merges it into daily life without a sense of incompatibility. The intention of “ivy chair” is to make you feel comfortable as if you were surrounded by trees and flowers. Whenever you sit down in the chair it will prompt you to think about nature over its function as a chair.





Ivy Chairを構成するリアルな形状の白い葉は、都市で排除された自然の隠喩です。



Materials :

フレーム:スチール丸鋼16φ 粉体塗装



Dimensions :

W630 × D670 × H750 × SH330

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