Schwarzwald Stool

There once existed a dense forest with abundant trees in Schwarzwald, Germany. However, in the 1960s, damage from acid rain became conspicuous with fifty-seven percent of the forest showing serious damage such as dieback. Acid rain not only badly injures trees but also causes dissolution of life-harming components from soil, thus destroying the ecosystem from the very foundations of the food chain. Because of this, even the twittering of birds disappeared from the forest for a while.

This chair named Schwarzwald Stool has had its surface processed with pH 4.0 acid, the same strength as the acid rain that Schwarzwald suffered. It keeps standing on its slim legs in spite of erosion by acid, which makes you associate the chair with a withered tree in the forest.

Now damage from acid rain is not rare in the world, and serious conditions can be found everywhere. We expect that seeing this chair, Schwarzwald Stool, will create as many occasions as possible for people to recognize the significance of that situation.




しかし1960年代に入ると酸性雨による被害が 顕在化し始め、森の57%が立ち枯れ等の深刻な被害を受けました。


Schwarzwald Stoolと名付けたこの椅子はシュヴァルツヴァルトで降った酸性雨と同等のph4.0の酸で表面を腐食させています。



その事を一人でも多くの人が認識するきっかけをこのSchwarzwald Stoolが創出してくれる事を期待しています。



Materials :

スチール 酸による腐食の上ウレタンクリア塗装


Dimensions :

300φ H:430


Limited : 12

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