Larsen C

In the Antarctic Peninsula, there is one of the largest ice shelves called Larsen. It consisted of a series of three shelves, namely Larsen A, B and C, from the north. Ice shelf Larsen A was regarded to have existed for more than two thousand years before its disintegration in 1995. Then, in 2002, huge ice shelf Larsen B broke up after an existence extending back 12 millennia. Those disintegrations in recent years caused a tremendous amount of ice loss, which corresponds to an area more than six times as large as Tokyo. Only ice shelf Larsen C remains, but unfortunately, its disintegration, too, is just a matter of time.


We created an acrylic object and named it Larsen C, which will remind you of an iceberg split from a disintegrating ice shelf floating in the sea. It has two holes in the top, and you can use it as a toothbrush holder or, by putting it into another vessel with water, as a bud vase. When it is wet, Larsen C looks even more like a real iceberg melting off the shelf, which will make you speculate more realistically about the serious condition of the Antarctic area, even though it is far away.


We would be glad if the users come to think about global warming and consequently take some actions to prevent it by using Larsen C in their daily lives.






近年の崩壊により面積にして 東京都の6倍以上という途方もない量の氷が失われているのです。

残るはラーセンC のみ。残念ながらそれが崩壊するのも時間の問題です。


我々は崩壊した棚氷が氷山となって海を漂う姿を想像させるアクリルの塊を製作し、それを「Larsen C」と名付けました。


水がかかった状態の「Larsen C」は、よりリアルに溶け出した氷山に見え、それを目にした人は遠く離れた南極の危機的な状況を容易に思い起こすことができます。


「Larsen C」を日常に挿入する事でその使用者が地球温暖化について考え、温暖化防止に貢献する行動をとるきっかけを生む事ができれば幸いです。



Materials :



Dimensions :

W90 × D90 × H80

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