Mushroom Lamp

After the end of the Cold War between the US and the Soviet Union, the crisis of nuclear wars was believed to have disappeared. However, even after the Cold War, India, Pakistan, China, and France have continued the development of nuclear weapons. The number of nuclear powers is still increasing and the crisis of nuclear wars has not yet ended. At present,

there exist the incredible total of 23,000 nuclear weapons, which are said to be capable of annihilating the whole earth several times over. Under these hopeless circumstances, what we can do to aim for a nuclear-free world is to have concern about this issue, to deepen our understanding, to have discussions and to continue to advocate the elimination of nuclear weapons.

We would like to create a catalyst by incorporating Mushroom Lamp into our daily lives, and to help to lighten the hearts of those who hope for peace in the world.


しかし、 冷戦後もインド、パキスタン、中国、フランスと核兵器開発は続き、核保有国は 増え続け、核戦争の危機は今なお終結していません。

現在、地球上には23,000発 という信じがたい量の核兵器が存在しています。

これは地球を何度も壊滅させる ことのできる量です。

この絶望的な状況下で私たちが核兵器の無い世界を目指して できる事は、この問題に関心を持ち、理解を深め、話し合い、核廃絶の声を上げ つづけることです。

我々は日々の生活の中にMushroom Lampを挿入する事でそのきっかけを創出し、世界中の平和を願う人々の心を照らす手助けをしたいと考えています。

Materials :

本体 ― FRP /光源 ― LED


Dimensions :

W 420 × D 420 × H 450


Limited : 10

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