Balloon Lamp

Japan heading for a period of economic slowdown, has reached a point where it seriously needs to consider the resources at its disposal. For instance, one thing that could be done is incorporating the high cultural standard and creativity into an innovating industry that will provide a new foundation for industrial growth.

Japan has already reached its full economic capacity and focusing on the promotion of innovative industries that are based on flexible inventiveness will be effective mean to boost the economy.

We think that it is the same first step that we take to materialize things we happen become aware of in life.

One example is the illumination emanated by Balloon Bench. We made balloons, trapped by the ceiling, work as an illumination while maintaining its floating ability. We felt it will be interesting to mounting a lighting-equipment mounted to a fragile balloon and so we made it happen. In practice, the balloons are made from Fiber-Reinforced Plastic (FRP) so it neither breaks nor withers.

We are thinking about dedicating ourselves to promoting the future Japanese creative industries with creative flexibility.





Balloon Benchの派生であるこの照明はその一例です。






materials :

FRP , LED Lamp


Dimensions :

W200 × H85 × D130

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