Sunrising Lamp

It is a tradition in Japan that people go to worship at sunrise on the beginning of the year with a brand new feeling and optimistically recite the New Year resolution.

However every day starts with asunrise.

I believe that if people have this same feeling every day when the sun rises, the world will become a much more peaceful place.

Sun Rising Lamp will create brand new feeling and optimism every time the user switches it on.

Make your days more fulfilling by being conscious of the brand new you rather than just getting by each day unaware of yourself as though "everything will fall into place".

Sun Rising Lamp will change your daily action of turning on the light into meaningful ones.





Sunrising Lampはスイッチを入れる度に使用者へ真新しい気持ちと前向きな思考を抱くことを促します。


Sunrising Lampが明かりを点けるという日常の行為を意味のある行為へと変えてくれることでしょう。

materials :

MDF , 漆塗装 , LED Lamp


Dimensions :

W200 × H85 × D130

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