Chochin Lamp

Although Japan boasts of many outstanding traditional craftworks, the majority of these craftworks are endangered . One of them is the paper lantern called "Chochin". An effective means to help these lanterns to survive into the future is by utilize them. Here, we designed lighting equipment for the Yame Chochins famously known to have a history of about 200 years ago.

For many years an aesthetic called "Innei Raisan” (In Praise of Shadows) had existed in Japan. Nevertheless, we often see light spreading across uniformly at every corner to overcome darkness. In such an environment, it is difficult for Japanese to maintain a keen sensitivity to beauty, which has continuously been passed down from generations to generations.

Strangely enough, the power saving deployed after 3.11(the Great East Japan Earthquake) reminded the Japanese people of the spirit of "Innei Raisan” (In Praise of Shadows). We now know that the humble and gentle charm of light we rediscovered when saving power is enough for us. In that regard, we designed Chochin Lamp as we felt it was necessary for light to reflect Japan in such a situation.

In Japan, the idea that worldly things do not last long is now to taking roots. Japan has come to see beauty out of the fragility of temporary things. We incorporated this specific idea into our design and hope that Chochin Lamp will introduce the beauty of tradition into your living space and bring back the light reflects Japan.





我々は節電によって控えめで優しい光の魅力を再発見し、光に関して“足るを知る”ということを体感したのです。そのような機運の中で、我々は日本らしい灯りをもう一度見直す必要があると考えています。Chochin Lampで生活空間に伝統美が取り込まれ日本らしい灯りが再び呼び戻されることを願っています。

Materials :

Paper, Wood, Steel, Lamp


Dimensions :

W300 × D450 / 210Φ × D450


Price :

各 ¥38,500


Retailer :

t.c.k.w inc.

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