Mori Chair

It is beyond fantasy to imagine any kind of quick fix or magic bullet that could eradicate the terrorism flaring up all over the world, but it is not unrealistic to see education as an effective means of ameliorating the situation. Awareness of what is going on in the world, what lies at the root of this now all-too-familiar terror, understanding where all this suffering is coming from these are the kinds of issues today’s children will grapple with in the coming years, and stimulation of their young minds is crucial. “Mori Chair” is a chair for children, and with it I offer my prayer for peace for the next generation. It was designed in the hope of producing what could be considered a symbol of peace - a smile on the face of a child.

As the parable of the powerful daimyo Mori Motonari’s three arrows demonstrates, one single component may lack the strength needed, but a plurality of parts united can provide that strength. This chair allows children to experience that truth in practical terms by assembling the chair themselves. The pieces fit together and the chair can be completed without the need for any tools. By thinking for themselves, building something real with their own hands, and then using it, they can appreciate the joy of creation. As our daily lives become increasingly dominated by computers, and simple practical devices of this type become fewer and fewer, this design is dedicated to children, as it they who hold the key to the future. The chair is made up of five components, with four colors used throughout. There are over 1000 possible ways it can be assembled. My hope is to nurture creativity, and to allow hidden potential to expand without limit.


Mori Chairは次世代への平和の祈りを込めた子ども用の椅子です。平和の象徴ともいえる子どもの笑顔を産み出すためにデザインしました。


Materials :



Dimensions :

W390 × D300 × H315 × SH170

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