Amaranth Chair

While  Japanese food has been registered as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage and thus attracts attention more and more, it is the current situation of Japanese food that negative elements such as food loss and/or additives used excessively appear and disappear.

With an inspiration from such Japanese food, we designed a Amaranth chair. Amaranth chair uses leather upholstery dyed with a coloring agent called Amaranth that is used in many foods in Japan despite the fact that it is prohibited to use due to its carcinogenicity in the United States.


I think I would like to sit in this chair and look back over the Japanese food.






アマランスチェアは、米国でその発がん性の高さから使用が禁止されているにも関わらず、日本では多くの食品で今なお使用され続けている着色料 赤色2号=Amaranthで染めた革を張り地に使用しています。


Materials :

 Leather, Wood, Urethane, Brass


Dimensions :

W550 × D770 × H745 × SH460

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