Afterimage of CRT

CRT TVs that were the main stream TVs for the 20th century are disappearing with the arrival of flat screen TV. Although still able to project beautiful images, the CRT TVs lost their place because of the big change in history. As a child, I experienced many moving moments and dreams through the CRT TVs. So the sight of these old fashioned TVs abandoned makes me sad. This led me to create an installment of light using the glass masses that are created when the cathode-ray tubes (CRT) are demolished. In this installment I expressed the afterimage of the cathode-ray tubes (CRT), and tried to show my feeling of gratitude towards the CRT TVs. I believe that sense of beauty is nurtured through affection for objects, and mindfulness to value objects lead to kindness towards others and the environment. If such attitude spreads throughout the world, it will become a more beautiful and an attractive place.


Materials :



Dimensions :

W150 × D140 × H200

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