Neba Chair

When I visited Neba Village located in the southern part of Nagano Prefecture, I witnessed various issues which forests face. Because forestry which was a main industry in the village has been deteriorating affected by imported timber and furthermore aging of population and depopulation are added, forests could not be sufficiently managed anymore. As a result, landslide and damage by animal increased. The same kinds of issues can be seen throughout Japan. As a trigger to know and consider these issues, I decided to manufacture chairs using Japanese cedar produced in Neba Village. I considered that a chair which was the furniture closet to a human body could reduce the distance between a forest and the human mind. Wood is the symbol of Japanese culture. Therefore, while regarding wood as something familiar and feeling the uniqueness and diversity of each community, I would like to face a wide range of themes such as issues of forests, environmental issues and issue on economic inequality through such Neba chair.

長野県南部にある根羽村を訪れた際に森林が抱える様々な問題を目の当たりにしました。村の主な産業だった林業が輸入材の影響を受けて衰退し、さらに高齢化と過疎化が加わったことで森林を充分に管理できなくなり、その結果、土砂崩れや獣害が増加していました。全国の森林でも同様の問題が見受けられます。これらの問題について知り、考えるきっかけとして根羽村の杉で「Neba chair」をつくることにしました。人の身体に最も近い家具である椅子なら森林と心の距離を近づけられると考えました。日本の文化の象徴としての木。その木を身近なものとして捉え、地域の独自性や多様性を感じつつ、森林が抱える問題、環境の問題、経済格差の問題など幅広いテーマをレイヤーに含ませながら、Neba chairを通じてそれらの問題に少しでも寄り添いたいと考えています。

Materials :



Dimensions :

W280 × D400 × H700

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