Virus lamp

In 2020, we encountered an unknown virus and experienced an unprecedented crisis. However, as it is clear from the history of mankind’s battles with pandemics like SARS, MARS, and the Spanish flu, we will surely regain placidness. Packed trains will start running again and people will be talking with each other in close contact at crowded restaurants and cafes. While the act of forgetting pain might be an ability bestowed upon mankind, we must continue to be aware of the virus to protect the people around us. This device is designed to remind people of the invisible virus even in their daily lives after we regain placidness. Virus lamp consists of a light source that is directly mounted on an outlet plate and a cover for the light source. Not only does it light up spaces like a washroom horrifyingly, the device induces hand washing and other infection control measures by making people aware of the virus.


痛みを忘れることは人類に与えられた能力なのかもしれませんが私たちはこれからも常にウィルスの存在を意識する必要がありまVirus lampは平穏を取り戻した日常であっても目に見えなウィスの存在を我々に思い起こさせてくれままるでコンセントに寄生するかのように既存のコントプレートに直接取り付けることがで洗面所などでおぞましく空間を照らしながらウィルスを意識させ手洗いなどの感染症対策を誘引します。


Materials :

LED, Heat resistant nylon


Dimensions :

W250  × H250  × D125

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