Stump chair

The area of ​​fast fashion has grown rapidly as we have sought to dress faster and cheaper. However,there are negative aspects such as environmental load and unfair working environment due to mass production and mass disposal, and loss of consumer's attachment to goods as the dark side of the prosperous fast fashion. When you get a product, it is desirable to judge how it was made and to keep only those that can be used with responsibility and attachment.

We designed Stump Chair based on such an idea. We pressed fabrics that are produced excessively at fast fashion production sites and are usually disposed of with cost, and sublimated them into materials that combine strength and beauty and used these materials to form Stump Chair. Incorporating current important issue of up-cycle into daily life will give us a closer look on ​​environmental issues and the problems created by the unfair working environment.



Materials :

 fabrics, resin


Dimensions :

W295×D345×H485 SH425


Production cooperation/Material provision :


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