Linear chair

After 16 years since G8 Summit held in 2004 advocating "3Rs"; Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, plastic shopping bags have finally become to be charged in Japan.

It has spread a reduction-oriented mind among many people that declines unneeded packaging by bringing their own shopping bag on a regular basis. At the scene of design and manufacturing of the products, however, there still remain many barriers against the reduction-oriented mind. Amid such trend, I have venture to face up with the barriers and design "linear chair" based on the reduction-oriented mind. With a goal to adopt Reusable/Recycled materials as possible as I can as well as to use them efficiently without waste by a quantity as small as possible, I have designed chairs requiring no screw and adhesives by utilizing discontinued products and listings left in factories. I'd like to rethink an ideal recycling-oriented society sitting on the chair.



私は敢えてその壁に立ち向かい、Reduce思考のもと、可能な限りリユース・リサイクル品を採用し、できるだけ少ない材料を無駄なく効率的に使うことを目標に掲げ、工場で余っていた廃盤商品や端材を利用し、ビスや接着剤を必要としないlinear chairをデザインした。


Materials :

 Artificial marble, leather, urethane, feathers


Dimensions :

W500×D710×H630 SH360


Photo by :

Ikuo Kubota


Production cooperation:

株式会社 ササキ工芸


Material provision :


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