Ugly wardrobe

COVID-19 greatly affected the fashion industry as it did others, and the stagnant market produced a vast number of surplus garments. We received 500 surplus garments that were about to be incinerated. We pressed the garments using special machinery and elevated them into a robust and beautiful material, and using it, constructed a wardrobe. Rather than standing and watching garments meant to be worn by people sent to incinerators without ever being worn, we searched for a way that they could be used as long as possible by upcycling them into wardrobes that would stand alongside fashion. We named this furniture that deliberately maintains the patterns of the crushed garments, “Ugly Wardrobe.” Upcycling is one of the important challenges of today, and by incorporating it into daily life in a form that emphasizes it through design, we hope to encourage people to take to heart the problems of our society today.



粉砕された衣類の文様を敢えてそのまま残して「Ugly wardrobe」と名付けました。アップサイクルという現代の重要課題を意匠的に強調させた形で生活に取り込むことで社会が抱える問題について、より身近なこととして捉えたいと考えています。

Materials :

 Fabrics(500 pieces of clothing), wood, antique hardware


Dimensions :



Photo by :

the design labo


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