Ignorance is bliss

When mainstream media report news in a biased way, people are severely put at a disadvantage and have a rough time, thereby causing confusion in the society. Especially at a time when people in the world today can share information easily, an out-of-control media frenzy can provide tremendous damage to the society. As such, concerns have been raised about media quality more than ever before. What is widely covered by the media on the screen is not always true. Sometimes inaccurate information is presented to the world due to lack of data, and sometimes information can be manipulated for someone else's benefit. We have no way of knowing what is going on behind the screen, without being seen by the public. For those who tend to rely and have blind faith on the media, the world behind the screen is probably the place where "ignorance is bliss”.









Materials :

candle, screen, LED lighting


Dimensions :



Photo by :

Ikuo Kubota


Video  :

video of "Ignorance is bliss"


Video by :

Yasuhito Iwata , Johnny Hirota

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