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私はその状況に危機感を感じ、大量生産的思考とは真逆の創造性を尊重するh22 Architectsを立ち上げました。




Under the economic model of capitalism, geared as it is to mass production, while it may be true that we have achieved a certain level of stability, we are also seeing huge steps backward on a cultural level.


In the area of food production, for example, the use of pesticides has meant a more reliable supply of crops, but reports on the kinds of damage these chemicals can wreak on the human body are constantly emerging. In the clothing industry, factories producing budget-priced garments are often founded on the basis of fundamental human rights abuses and involve appalling working conditions. And these are merely a couple of illustrations.


Furthermore, the need to sell all these mass-produced goods has given rise to the modern advertising industry, which has in turn dulled consumers’ powers of discrimination, as they are lulled into the sense of security offered by owning whatever the people around them own.


It has come to the point where there is virtually no sense of unease about this loss of individuality. Accordingly, in the field of architecture too, where, ideally, even residential buildings should reflect a broad range of styles, choosing a design for a house has become akin to choosing ready-made items from a catalogue.


If we embrace a concept of architecture whereby we understand its potential as a key component of a town or city's landscape - even its culture, these creations should be a much freer expression of originality.


It was the distress I felt at this state of affairs that motivated me to set up h22 Architects, emphasising and respecting free expression and creativity.


And so, whether the construction sites end up being in the cities of the future, or even, for all we know, out in space, it is with this sense of being completely unfettered that I undertake to engage in truly imaginative and creative architectural design.


Desirous of a clean break with the cultural regression of mass production, h22 Architects posits a fresh take on what architecture is all about.

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